It is imperative for investors deciding to include a hotel in their portfolio to know why they are doing so.  JYI Hospitality can help make experienced, educated assumptions about future market conditions and implement a plan to deal with those ever-changing conditions.

JYI Hospitality has over 30 years’ experience in helping investors in identifying an opportunity, formulating a plan for it, and then proceeding to evaluate the possibly of acquiring the hotel.

Basic steps in the Acquisition Process (just to name a few)

  • Identifying potential Acquisition hotels
  • Due Diligence
  • Substantial cost saving using JYI Feasibility studies
  • Developme of 1-5 year Pro Forma
  • Coordinate Appraisals and Market Studies
  • Determining possible changes in management/Franchise

JYI Hospitality realizes that a hotel is both a business and real estate investment and therefore needs to be scrutinized by those familiar with the hotel industry.

Markets will change – That is a given.

JYI wants the buyer to understand both property and market dynamics BEFORE purchasing the hotel. Once a property has passed our rigorous screening process, JYI can perform a preliminary property and market analysis to establish an initial bid price.

Due diligence of the targeted hotel is a must that is often overlooked by investors thinking they “know the business”.

JYI Hospitality has vast experience in handling financial, marketing, engineering and environmental audits, just to name a few, that are needed to ensure you make a sound educated decision before purchasing a hotel.

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