JYI Hospitality will disclose an abbreviated assessment of financial positioning for the potential development or an existing project to the client.  The need for the proposed hotel must be investigated, estimated and documented so that the client can be assured that the proposal is justified.

Services for developing a workable full or condensed Profit and Loss and Budget of projected top line figures and fixed and variable costs. This will be based on the compression of the area’s true Comp Set and demographic conditions, Star Report and an analysis of any new hotels coming into the market.


The scope of our study includes the following:

  • Site analysis.
  • Analysis of economic trends.
  • Analysis of historical, current, and future supply and demand for hotel rooms in the respective competitive markets.
  • Development of statements of estimated annual operating results for the proposed project, as well as the operation.

JYI Hospitality will produce a very intensive market analysis to help you make the right decision before it’s too late. Looking to start a new project or buying an existing property?

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