Our Services

JYT delivers all the services you need to modernize operations and drive innovation across your entire Hotel.

We’re committed to deliver a superior guest experience exceeding our customers’ expectations and achieving maximum return on investment to our owners and investors.

Our property specific operations, accounting and sales and marketing tools allow us to custom-fit our business model to any hotel.

This allows the management team and ownership group the ability to “cut, slice and dice” the hotels important information daily in a user friendly format from any location connected to the internet.

Hotel Management

JYI offers a comprehensive range of services and tools tailor-made to each project to ensure maximum return on investment to its owners and investors.

Consulting Services

JYI Hospitality Consulting Services is for the ownership group that wants to have control over their hotel AND wants an expert to brainstorm any obstacles keeping them from achieving maximum profitability.

Sales & Marketing

JYI Hospitality understands that the long term success of a hotel relies heavily on a well-trained, motivated Director of Sales. JYI monitors, councils and works with the DOS to ensure consistent positive results in increasing top-line revenue.


JYI Hospitality delivers expert operational guidance and support to your on-site management needs to ensure maximization of your hotel’s bottom line.

Revenue & Yield Management

JYI offers effective easy to understand Daily guidance (Monday to Friday), impacting your bottom line. 

Financial & Hotel Accounting

JYI Hospitality delivers timely accounting information which, when properly presented, is information that management can use to improve future revenue performance. JYI utilizes accounting as a report card to control expenses based on past, present and future goals approved by the ownership.

Web SEO Development & Management

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Staff Training

JYI Hospitality develops and delivers the tools necessary to give your guests extraordinary service which will improve your hotels repeat business and bottom line.

Pre-Opening Assistance & Development

JYI Hospitality has over 30 years of experience in opening and refurbishing hotels. Our expertise alone can save you tens of thousands of dollars by avoiding common mistakes often made in the development of your hotel.

Feasibility & Development Services

JYI Hospitality will disclose an abbreviated assessment of financial positioning for the potential development or an existing project to the client.  The need for the proposed hotel must be investigated, estimated and documented so that the client can be assured that the proposal is justified.

Acquisition Services

It is imperative for investors deciding to include a hotel in their portfolio to know why they are doing so.  JYI Hospitality can help make experienced, educated assumptions about future market conditions and implement a plan to deal with those ever-changing conditions.