Sales & Marketing

JYI Hospitality understands that the long term success of a hotel relies heavily on a well-trained, motivated Director of Sales. JYI monitors, councils and works with the DOS to ensure consistent positive results in increasing top-line revenue.

Having the “correct business model” is the key foundation to a successful, well run property. In many cases “the missing link” is an educated sales team that fails to perform the correct sales techniques on an accountable reporting system that consistently passes reviews and inspections. JYI believes in putting out the fires before they happen.

JYI delivers a fully organized sales and marketing structure with the necessary tools that can be implemented in a few short weeks and yield immediate results.

The sales team at JYI Hospitality is led by experienced hotel sales professionals with extensive knowledge of marketing, E-Commerce, local and national sales programs.

Sales & Marketing Objectives:

  • Weekly conference calls with GM and Sales team
  • Identifying and Targeting Top Accounts
  • Setting reachable Monthly, Quarterly and Yearly Top Line goals.
  • Detailed six month workable Marketing plan
  • Customized and secure CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Database
  • Tracking -Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, Yearly Sales Pipeline
  • Mystery Shopper calls to Front Desk and Sales department

JYI Hospitality performs detailed audits to ensure your sales department SELLS Correctly!

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