JYI Hospitality develops and delivers the tools necessary to give your guests extraordinary service which will improve your hotels repeat business and bottom line.

JYI Hospitality takes pride in its proven approach recognized by the Hospitality Industry.

  • Turn Front Desk staff into SALESPEOPLE
  • Strengthen synergies within all departments
  • Extensive Human Resource Department
  • Mystery Shopping and Cold Calls
  • Safety & Security plans developed
  • Management Enhancement Programs
  • Bonus Programs set once you’re making money
  • Customer Satisfaction reviews focusing on weaknesses

JYI Hospitality’s training is built from your hotels foundation. JYI ensures the key elements of all job requirements and expectations are clearly defined and communicated.

JYI Hospitality’s training procedures promote strong communication within the hotel that develops team recognition for improvement and excellence. JYI Hospitality trains management to
“Inspect What You Expect” allowing line level employees and management to work and have fun within their departments. Developing an educated, enthusiastic team environment in every department, continually striving to reach its goals, is what drives JYI Hospitality.

JYI Hospitality ensures each department is tracked and audited to maintain conformity, consistency and compliance with franchise and JYI’s high standards.